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Special Cakes

Bridal Shower Dessert Table for my niece

Photo Memory Cake for my Dad's 70th Birthday, I'm the one to his right with a hat and my arms kind of crossed, one of my first cakes!

Graduation photo memory cake for my niece, vanilla cake filled with 1/2 fresh raspberry buttercream and 1/2 chocolate mousse.  Decorated with peonies and vines

Graduation and entering the Naval Academy Cake for my niece, Naval Academy insignia bookmark as a topper.  Chocolate Cake with cookies and cream filling.  It was a hot day and the roses were drooping :(


Strawberry Sweet 16 birthday cake with Strawberry buttercream for my niece decorated with all her favorite things

Princess cake for my daughter (when she was into princesses)
For my nephew entering guitar school


  1. i never even thought julia was ever into princesses! i was just saying earlier about why every baker is so sweet: because they work with sugar all the time! oh yah, by the way, is julia going to the parade? im going to be in it! - amanda

    1. Hi Amanda - yes she was at one time very into them, but no more :) I don't think we're going to the parade, thats great that your in it, make sure mom takes pictures and have fun!!

  2. thanks! obviously she's gonna take a lot of pictures, im not surprised if she was born with one. :)amanda