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Monday, January 23, 2012

Special Occasion Linzer Tarts

Linzer tarts can be a versatile treat for any occasion.  You can make them into almost any shape and fill with a variety of jams.  They take a little time to make,  but the combination of the nutty buttery shortbread cookie with a nice fruit jam or preserve is such a treat it is worth it!  Today I made some special heart shaped ones for Valentines day with Raspberry Preserves:

My favorite linzer cookie recipe is from Alex Guarneschelli of the Food Network and can be found here:

Spoon the thinned jam onto each bottom, and spread slightly towards corners, but not too close to edges
Sprinkle tops with powdered sugar as much as you desire, I like to leave a little cookie showing

And in the fall time you can make Apple Pie Linzer Tarts using an apple shaped cookie cutter and either apple preserves or apple butter for the filling.  They're so good and something a little different!



  1. This look so cute & yum! You know something, i also baked heart shaped pop tarts today with strawberry jam filling!! Wht a coincidence :) I'll be uploading my recipe soon! Thx a lot for sending this for my event! You can send more before Feb 20th and i would appreciate if you can use my event logo also :)

  2. Thanks Teena! I love homemade poptarts, looking forward to seeing your post on this :)