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Friday, October 19, 2012

Rosie's Amazon Baking Store

My Word 5.75 x 16-Inch Sign, Mom's Kitchen
Baking and Shopping fun in one (my 2 favorite activities)! All the searching has been done for you, just sit back, relax and shop!  My store features must have baking products and gifts of  high quality, functionality and value.  Most of the products offer free shipping to save you $$ :) and many offer special promotions.      
I highly recommend Amazon because their prices offer great savings as compared to stores and deep discounts on books.   You can conveniently shop from your own home and have your order shipped to your home or chosen address.  If you already shop through Amazon your own personal wishlist will show up as you shop.  
Click on the link for  "Rosies Amazon Baking Store" on the preview of the store to the left of my page.  Products include:  Cookbooks, Bake-ware and tools, Pretty Serve-ware and Packaging, Children's books and toys with baking and family themes,  Great cooking magazines, Decorative and whimsical signs for your bakery and/or Kitchen, Country Kitchen d├ęcor, Seasonal finds and last but not least Pampering for you!
Happy Shopping and Thanks for visiting! I'll be updating and adding new products often to continue to inspire you and add happiness to your own baking adventures :)

Marcela Amethyst Cake Plate 10.75 diamter

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  1. I was here checking out your cookbooks. Very nice selection.

  2. Thanks Connie, one can never have enough cookbooks :)

  3. Also checking out your fav. cook books. I really want the Chocolates & Confections! I may be back tomorrow to purchase that!

  4. Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting me here and checking out blog and store! You will love that book :)

  5. love this! May your business be fruitful :)

  6. Rosie Terry cammarata Here haven't seen You in yearshere UNBELIEVABLE!! Every thing looks GREAT DELISH!!! I'll keep you in mind if I ever need any baked goods!!!!

  7. Hi Terry, thank you so much that means a lot :) Thanks for visiting my page!