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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whoopie Pie Love

A whoopie pie's a wondrous thing,
Like newborn pups or early spring.
It fills the mouth with rapture sweet,
This yummy chocolate sandwich treat
Anonymous (from book "Making Whoopies")

Have you ever had a Whoopie Pie?  They are like devil dogs but the cake is moister - a rich chocolaty cake, and the cream is more decadent- a vanilla marshmallow buttercream.  They are addicting!  For me, it was love at first bite, the forever kind of love :)  The best ones I've had were at Hershey Farm Inn in Lancaster Pennsylvania.
Fancy Whoopie, Raspberry filling and Raspberry Rose topping
A cornucopia of whoopies ~ original chocolate with vanilla filling and pumpkin with cream cheese filling

I even tried a Strawberry Shortcake Version, vanilla cookie cakes with fresh strawberry buttercream mixed with chunks of fresh strawberries

If you love whoopies like me you will love them in a whoopie pie cake, lots of that chocolately cake with the sweet cream in the middle and as a topping, it doesn't get better then this!

100 Mini's
Patriotic Mini Whoopies
My favorite recipe for whoopies is:

Whoopie Pies on the Food Network, from Moody's Diner

For more flavors and recipes check out my store for whoopie cookbooks - in the cookbook section!


  1. We love whoopie pies! As a matter of fact-my sister didn't want a wedding cake, so instead she had a variety of different flavored whoopie pies.

    1. Thanks for your comment Erin, that sounds like a fabulous idea, love it!!